Man Luo

Ph.D. student, Arizona State University


I'm a 5th-year Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the Arizona State University. I work at Cognition & Intellifent Lab, supervised by Dr. Chitta Baral. My research lies in natural language processing and computer vision. Specifically, I'm interested in open domain question answering and open domain retrieval under multimodal settings. Recently, I am also exploring open-domain dialogue application.


  • [2022.08]: Start internship at Google Research.
  • [2022.08]: Completed thesis proposal and became Ph.D. candidate.
  • [2022.05]: Start internship at Meta Reality Lab working on efficient retrieval task.
  • [2022.05]: 2 papers accpeted to NAACL 2022 SRW .
  • [2022.04]: 1 paper accpeted to NAACL 2022 Finging.
  • [2022.04]: 1 paper accpeted to ACL 2022 Spa-NLP workshop.
  • [2022.02]: 1 paper accpeted to ACL 2022 Finding.
  • [2022.01]: O-Drum Workshop will be held in CVPR 2022
  • [2021.12]: 1 paper accepted to AAAI 2021. Acceptant rate 15%.
  • [2021.08]: 1 paper accepted to EMNLP 2021.
  • [2021.06]: Yankai Zeng (mentor by me) passed his master thesis and now be a Ph.D. student in UTD.
  • [2021.05]: Research intern at Salesforce and worked with Kazuma Hashimoto and Yingbo Zhou.
  • [2021.04]: Finalist of 2021 Knowledge Mobilization Awards.
  • [2021.03]:Invited talk at exploreCSR workshop (ASU).
  • [2021.02]: 1 paper accepted to EACL 2021.
  • [2019.09]: 1 paper accpeted to ICLP 2019.
  • [2019.09]: Presented at ICLP 2019 Doctoral Consortium
  • [2019.06]: 1 workshop paper accepted to ASPOCP 2019


In-BoXBART: Get Instructions into Biomedical Multi-Task Learning
Mihir Parmar, Swaroop Mishra, Mirali Purohit, Man Luo, M. Hassan Murad, Chitta Baral
NAACL 2022 Finding
[Paper] [Model in Huggingface]

Generalized but not Robust? Comparing the Effects of Data Modification Methods on Out-of-Domain Generalization and Adversarial Robustness
Tejas Gokhale*, Swaroop Mishra*, Man Luo*, Bhavdeep Singh Sachdeva, Chitta Baral
ACL 2022 Finding

Improving Biomedical Information Retrieval with Neural Retrievers
Man Luo, Arindam Mitra, Tejas Gokhale, Chitta Baral
AAAI 2022

Weakly-Supervised Visual-Retriever-Reader for Knowledge-based Question Answering
Man Luo*, Yankai Zeng*, Pratyay Banerjee, Chitta Baral
EMNLP 2021
[Paper] [Code]

‘Just because you are right, doesn’t mean I am wrong’: Overcoming a bottleneck in development and evaluation of Open-Ended VQA tasks
Man Luo, Shailaja Keyur Sampat, Riley Tallman, Yankai Zeng, Manuha Vancha, Akarshan Sajja, Chitta Baral
EACL 2021
[Paper] [Code]

Strong equivalence for LPMLN programs
Joohyung Lee and Man Luo
ICLP 2019

Preprinted Papers

A Simple Approach to Jointly Rank Passages and Select Relevant Sentences in the OBQA Context
Man Luo, Shuguang Chen, Chitta Baral.
arXiv preprint
[Paper] [Code]

Can Transformers Reason About Effects of Actions?
Pratyay Banerjee, Chitta Baral, Man Luo, Arindam Mitra, Kuntal Pal, Tran C Son, Neeraj Varshney arXiv preprint